The Horror’s of a DIY Home Renovation Project

If you’re currently considering renovating your home, and thinking I can do this myself. Then you should be paying attention to what I’m going to say in this article. Because, it can save your marriage. What? My marriage! Yes, you heard that right. DIY can be rewarding as well as damaging not only to your finance if not properly planned but can affect your relationships as well and a lot more of other things in your life.

DIY stands for Do It Yourself just in case you did not know. People who take on these types of projects vary in a lot in their reasoning as to why they rather do the project themselves than let a professional contractor do it. If you thinking of doing a project you should consider these tips as they may save you a lot of headaches later down the road.

Confused DIY

Do I really have the time?

The number one thing to consider is your time. The number of hours it would take you to complete the project should be considered carefully. From the design phase, to sourcing the materials and the construction phase, all require your time. Now if you’re not a builder doing all these will take a considerable amount of your time unlike a professional who already knows what it takes to get the job done on time.


How much is this going to cost me?

Tight Budget

Consider carefully your budget? Is it enough to complete the entire project, the most expensive components in any home renovation is the kitchen appliances such as the stove and fridge. The finishing to the counter top, the floor, the plumbing and so forth can blow up your costs before you know it you’ve maxed you credit limit. The longer you prolong your project your costs also increase.

Can I do this remodeling project? (Even though you know you can’t)

Unless you’re already in the building trade than maybe this one does not apply to you. But if building is not your forte than you may find that cutting timber or a brick does require a level of skill. Not possessing this can result in wastage of valuable material and of course your time and money. Many people begin a project later to only realize that the skill level required was beyond what they had anticipated, and even if you finish the project the level of workmanship generally would not compare to what a professional builder would have done. Better to leave it to the professional.

What would this mean to my family and friends?

Now back to how DIY can damage your relationship. If you’re like me and have a full time job, than most of your day is taken at work. Coming home and then going to work on the project can be tiring and time consuming. This can have a downside to your marriage and personal relationships as what used to be your date night is now a remodeling night. If the project goes on for months you can imagine the toll it would take those you care about.

With that being said consider why are you doing this remodeling project anyway? This question should be carefully considered at the beginning of the project. Do the 3 Whys, and see how your answer matches up. Ask your family and friends, be considerate of their advice. Most importantly find a builder and talk with them about your intentions and see what they say. You will be surprised sometimes at what a professional can do to assist you in your remodeling your home. As suggestion would be if you wanted to do the entire house than go room by room, maybe begin with the guest bedroom and then slowly move on to other parts of the house.